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Badger Daylighting Inc.

We are a full time 24 hour hydrovac company we have worked with Canada fire fighters in Calgary helping remove a cave in on a person we extracted as well as working with montecietto fire chief in the search and rescue as well as cal fire in montecietto California with search and rescue removing debree from apartment complex we have also registered with northern fire department in the Martinez and Benicia area we are capable of removing huge amounts of debris with suction through a 8 to 10 inch suction hose and containing it to be removed and dumped else were I would think we could make fire breaks by digging trench holes in cemetrical lines to stop grass fires from spreading pleae feel free to contact us for more info we are also registered with fema and have and have done hudge deployment after hurricanes in texas and Georgia as well as florida I am also trained with homeland security as a cert community response team member in kern county this takes 20 hours class time and additional hours a lot on line with homeland security for emergency deployment incident command. thank you

Contact Name: Josh Woolf
Contact Phone: 6612290324
Category : Fire Support Services
Since : 12/30/1969
Company Size: canada/u.s.a
Zipcode: 93306
Service Area (City, State): california/all u.s and canada

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